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Remington joins Earnhardt family
'99 News
Brett Borden, NASCAR Online

Brooklyn, Mich. (June 11, 1999)
Dale Earnhardt and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have hunted together many times in their lives, and Friday their hunt for more financial backing came to fruition, as Remington Arms Company, Inc. announced a six-year agreement with Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Earnhardt agreed to a personal endorsement contract with the outdoor recreation company, while Earnhardt Jr. will have Remington on board as an associate sponsor.

"Affiliating our great company with Dale, Dale Jr., and Budweiser gives Remington the perfect platform to market our 185-year heritage to millions of outdoor enthusiasts," said Tommy Millner, CEO and president of Remington Arms Co. "We are thrilled to be a significant part of the Earnhardt family."

The agreement with Earnhardt begins immediately, while the sponsorship of Earnhardt Jr.'s No. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet begins in 2000. Both agreements run through 2005.

"Two of my favorite things are my steering wheel and my Remington rifle," Earnhardt said. "So to me, this announcement means two of my favorite passions in life are joining together. When he was young, I told Dale Jr. that hunting and racing are a lot alike. Holding that steering wheel and holding that rifle both mean you better be responsible."

Earnhardt Jr. also equated his favorite pastime with his career.

"Growing up, I've enjoyed hunting with my father," Earnhardt Jr. said. "These days both his schedule and my schedule are so busy we don't get a lot of time together. Maybe now that we have the same sponsor in Remington we can spend some time together outdoors. I'd rather spend time with him hunting than trying to beat him on the track."

Headquartered in Madison, N.C., the Remington Arms Company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sporting firearms, ammunition and accessories, including knives, gun safes and firearms care products. It also markets Stren fishing line, baits and accessories to fishermen worldwide.