2003 Season

RCR to continue licensing No. 3
Source: rcrracing.com

WELCOME, N.C. (February 24, 2002)
Richard Childress Racing’s (RCR) famed No. 3 will not be retired but there are no plans to run it on the race track.

RCR will continue to license the No. 3 from NASCAR on a yearly basis as long as the sanctioning body allows, but it will not be officially retired. NASCAR has never retired a car number before.

“We have no intentions to start running the number on the track,” said Childress, president and CEO of Richard Childress Racing Enterprises, Inc. “Our plans are to keep licensing the No. 3 like we have been doing. NASCAR is not retiring the number but is allowing us to keep licensing it each year and not race it.”

Childress has begun construction of an expanded museum at the RCR facility here that will feature more than two dozen of the No. 3 race cars and memorabilia from the Dale Earnhardt era. The original No. 3 shop on the facility is being renovated into a museum and gift shop and another structure is being built to tie in the shop with the existing museum. The new 40,000-square foot museum is scheduled to open in May 2003.



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