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Missing Dale
Mail received on 5/18/01 from Melanie reads:
I just want to say thank you to all of you at DEI & RCR for the best excuse to be a fan of NASCAR. I became a fan of NASCAR because I watched Dale Earnhardt run a race at Talladega, which he proceeded to win. When he left us, I was at a loss as to who would guide my interest in NWC. I think he would be happy to know that I have become, among other things, a DEI, RCR, AND a Rusty Wallace fan. I am always going to be a DEI and RCR fan, but knowing that Rusty has been there along with Dale Sr. and faced the same obstacles that Dale Sr. did, I am glad to lend him my prayers and wishes. Dale would like that I didn't give up on NWC or on anyone who stood shoulder to shoulder with him during his rise to the top.

Mail received on 5/23/01 from Lori Gross reads:
Thanks for keeping the fans updated daily on the DEI teams. Dale is missed so very much by every race fan there is. Your website makes me feel like he is still here.
NASCAR will never be the same....

Lori Gross
Richfield Springs, NY

Mail received on 5/18/01 from The Bunn family reads:
Dear DEI,
I just want to express our deepest condolences with the loss of Dale. We never had the chance to meet him personally, but like many others, he was a part of our lives every Sunday. After the accident that changed so many lives, my husband, like many others, swore they would never watch another Nascar race again. But with time, I knew he would, as Dale Jr. is there to carry on his fathers legacy. He and Michael Waltrip are now our drivers, but there will never be another Dale Sr.

My husbands birthday was in April, and I always get him Earnhardt items. But this year I decided to get him something special, something he can show to everyone and let everybody know who his favorite Nascar driver was and always will be. I have sent you a picture of his 'special birthday gift'. We will always remember the 'Black #3'.

With deepest sympathy, The Bunn family, John, Sue and Brandon........



Dear Teresa
Mail received on 5/17/01 from Nina reads:
Dear Teresa,
It is my belief that if we are to have heroes, A women should have a women hero. You are that for me. You have shown to have the courage and strength of a true hero. The compassion and love you have for not only your family but the many people that counted on you to get through the the loss of Dale. That you are not in fear of asking for help when you need it. That you are a true fighter for what you feel is right or wrong. That you never give up or give in. That you have a true since of family. I want to thank you.

God bless,



Appreciation for a memory in 1993
Mail received on 1/11/01 from Larry reads:

I come from a small town of 4000 people in N.W.Pa. I work construction so about 8 months of the year,my job takes me all around the u.s.,so I'm always within reach of one of the NASCAR circuit tracks. Throughout the years you've given me many thrills, chills and memorable moments. But the most emotional moment I've shared was with over a hundred thousand fans, that I and I'm sure many of them will never forget. I'm referring the hooters 500 in Atlanta Nov. 14 1993, I was elated when you won your sixth title, but when you and R. Wallace did a "reverse polish victory lap" with A. Kulwicki and D. Allison's flags that was over powering.I looked down the catch fence and everyone had tears in their eyes,some unable to take pictures.I taped the event that day and have watched it many times since each time reliving that moment.It does me proud to know that in the sport I chose has my #1 that you guys are fierce competitors on the track,and a close nit family off.

Sincerely, Larry

Whitmore Kane Pa.
P.S My prediction for 2001 headlines
read "Earnhardt not intimidated, dominates to win 8th Winston cup title".



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